Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1912 Postcards to Mrs. J. L. Hickox

We went to the Jacksonville Beach flea market this last weekend. I found these pretty postcards addressed to Mrs. J. L. Hickox in Straight, Pennsylvania. I am still not sure if J. L. are her initials or her husband's. I haven't been able to find anything about her or the Ella Bensen that was mentioned.

The following is the transcription of the postcard:

Dear friend -

pretty card rec'd
and glad to hear
from you. very
sorry for Ella
Bensen. It's too
bad she had to
lose her little
boy. All well as
usual. We
look for a flood
when it breaks up.
I'm going to West Va
sometime. - H. T. P.

Dear Mrs.
Hickox I got
your letter
and was glad to
hear from
from george

Maybe there is a Hickox family member somewhere that would enjoy this family treasure.

If you are interested in postcards, GONE COUNTRY ANTIQUES and collectibles has quite a few of them with and without post mark and writing.

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