Monday, July 13, 2009

Henry Marcus, At the Parting of the Ways

It was about four or five years ago when my husband and I went to this yard sale in Lake City, Florida. I spotted this old, small paperback book and naturally I had to pick it up; and of course I had to buy it.

The name of the book is At the Parting of the Ways, by Rev Hugo W. Hoffman, M.A., PhD. It was presented to a Henry Marcus, born September 3, 1893, in remembrance of the day of his confirmation May 28, 1908 by Pastor H. D. E. Siebott

I have been able to find a little bit of info on Henry. His full name was Henry Fisher Marcus. According to the Social Security Death Index he was born Sep 2, 1893. His last know residence was Gainesville, Alachua, Florida. His social security number was issued before 1951 in Pennsylvania. The Florida Death Index puts his death at age 84 Feb 3, 1975.

Henry was living in Woodbury, Gloucester County, New Jersey when he registered for the World War I draft on June 5, 1917. He was employed as a carpenter. By the World War II draft registration in April 1942 he was living in Media, Delaware Pennsylvania.

Pastor H. D. E. Siebott is mentioned in a few books on Google.

I have found the Pastor in the 1910 Philadelphia Ward 28, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Census listed as Henry Siebott Rev., age 43. He was living in Philadelphia in 1920 and 1930 as well. He was a Lutheran Minister.

If you are related to Henry Marcus somehow or know of someone who is, please let me know. I would love to get this book in the hands of a family member who would truly appreciate it.

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