Thursday, July 30, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- My Burden Bear

This is a Burden Teddy Bear that on of my cousins gave to all of us grandkids at Grandma Smedley's funeral in 2002. The blanket that he is clutching is a piece of a quilt that she made several years ago. This guy has came in handy a time or two.

Inside the card is the following poem:

I'm not a very fancy bear,
I'm plain and rather small.
Even so, someone who loves you
Said I should come to call.

Hide me underneath your pillow
or set me on a near by shelf
and when you feel discouraged
I will do my best to help
I brought my favorite blanket,
That I snuggle when I'm sad...
It's a present from "Our" Grandma,
Made for days when things seem bad.
Our Mother always told me,
"Life's like a patchwork quilt...
Just give Jesus all the pieces,
And he'll make a pretty quilt."
Sometimes I don't see the pattern,
Sometimes he seems far away,
Then I clutch my favorite blanket
And I pray...and pray...and pray.

Though I don't have all the answers,
For I'm just a "Burden Bear"
I've been sent here on a mission
From someone who really cares.
When you see me, please remember...
You are in their thoughts and prayers.

I guess you can order something like this at Pixie Dust Gifts.


  1. Thank you for the blog. How special that you all have the bear, poem and a piece of a quilt as a memory. You have a very thoughtful cousin to have put this together.


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