Friday, August 28, 2009

Carnival of Genealogy, 79th Edition-- Family Reunions

The first family reunion I remember going to when I was very young was a Poulsen reunion. I believe it was for the descendants of James Sirrine and Grace Price Poulsen (grandma Smedley's mom and dad).

I think my parents only took us to about 3 of them. For some reason The Smedley family members hardly ever went. I think that is why I always felt uncomfortable at them because I hardly knew anyone there. I believe they still have the Poulsen reunion to this day. If I was closer, I would definitely go every year.

Then there was the Piggott family reunion.

I really enjoyed this family reunion. We played softball and I just enjoyed spending time with all of my aunts and uncles and cousins. I actually knew everyone there ; - ) I think great aunt Rebecca and I are the only ones who brought genealogy books. Unfortunately this is the only one I was able to go to because I had to work.

In 2001 we started having the Smedley reunion. The Smedley family being mom and dad, me, my brother and sister, and our kids; keep in mind that my parents have been divorced since the mid eighties. We would have our reunion at dad's cabin in Warm River outside Ashton, Idaho every Labor Day weekend. We would go floating down the river on tubes and a rubber raft. It was a blast!

On Saturday mom would make her famous homemade barbecues and I would make my potato salad. Sunday morning we would always make biscuits and gravy.

The last family reunion we had was in 2003 because that is the year my husband and I moved to Florida and it was just getting harder to get everybody together because of work or finances. I miss these get-togethers more than I can even say. I don't only miss my family, but the beautiful mountains and canyons in Idaho.

I can only hope that someday we will start the reunions again.

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  1. Can I join the Smedley family? Looks like great fun. Back when I was first married, we would go to my husband's family reunions. I loved them. My family NEVER had a family reunion that I can remember except one back in 1961. Now we have initiated at least one family gathering might be for a wedding, graduation, etc....but at least we get together. Thanks for sharing your good family times with your Smedley family.


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