Friday, September 11, 2009

Mrs. A. W. Lange Postcard

I discovered a new antique store in Jacksonville Tuesday. Okay, it's not new, I've just never seen it before. While I was in there I found this postcard that caught my attention and curiosity so I had to buy it.


Addressed to Mrs. A. W. Lange, Marshall, Wisc.
Home we are, I
have to laugh every
time when I think
of how we caught
the bus. I bet you
laughed some
after you got in
the house. Clara
Off to the side says:Got our
fish home

There is really not enough information to figure out who Mrs. Lange was. Hopefully she has some descendants that can figure it out.

I sure would love to know what was so funny!! What ever it was it must have something to do with a fish.

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