Thursday, September 3, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- Grandma's Cake Plate

When grandma Smedley made a cake this is the plate and lid she would use. If I remember right the kind of cake we found the most under there was german chocolate or a spice cake.

On the bottom of the plate is a piece of tape with her name on it because sometimes she would make a cake and take it to various social events and that would ensure that it was returned to her. I have left the tape there and hopefully it will stay there forever and ever and ever amen! (It has made it so far through numerous washings.)

The plate is made by Fireking and it is peach luster in color with a laurel pattern. I enjoy the plate so much that I have started to collect the set. The only pieces I don't have are 3 other plates just like this one, and two big bowls.


  1. Very special! And to have her name on the bottom and double special!! You cake plate reminds me of our next door neighbors cake plate. I was aluminum and was for birthday cakes. When you pushed a little button on the bottom, it would turn slowly and play Happy Birthday. It was a staple for my childhood birthday parties. Thanks for triggering that memory for me.

  2. This cake plate caught my eye! My grandmother gave me one very similar to this a few years ago - I almost told her I didn't want it (glad I didn't!) Mine has a wooden knob and the plate is clear cut glass. I had never seen one before or since - Very cool that someone else has one!

    I have added myself as a follower of your blog - I think we have a lot in common - I too am heartbroken seeing family heirlooms and photos sitting in fleamarkts, junk stores and so-called antique shops - it takes all my strength not to purchase it all (dh wouldn't undertand :-) Thanks for sharing your finds!


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