Thursday, November 12, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- 1909 Postcard to Hazel Madsen

Last week I received a package from my mother that I had been anxiously awaiting probably for about a month. This package contained letters, postcards, photos, Christmas Cards, and other precious items that belonged to my great grandmother, and this is just a portion of the memorabilia that she left behind. It seems that great grandma never threw anything away; (my kiinda gal!) The rest is divided between my aunts and uncle. Gee, I didn't even think to ask mom if she kept any.

I will have to find a small "treasure chest" to put these precious treasures in. The first item I would like to share is a postcard that great-grandpa sent to great-grandma for her birthday before they were married.

The postcard is stamped Point of Rocks, Wyo. Apr 13, 1909 and is addressed to Miss H. R. Madsen, Montpelier, Idaho. It reads:

It is still
blowing so that
we canot work
at anything it is
as bad as
Biron (Byron)

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