Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost Family Photo From Guadalajara, Mexico

I found this old cabinet card photo of a beautiful Mexican family at the Ramona Flea Market a while back.

Unfortunately there is not enough information to know who this family is or when it was taken.

The picture was taken by A. J. Gonzalez in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The inscription on the back was hard to read because it has faded and there is a little bit of damage. I have done my best to transcribe it, and I used Google Language Tools to translate it.
a mi inolvidable esposo Heran
Liempve que veas el presente con
un ve cuerdo a ha fiel esposa e hijos jamas he olvi davan.

Google translates it to say this:
my unforgettable husband Heran
Liempve you see this with
wise to have a go faithful wife and children
I have never forgotten Davan.
I know it doesn't make too much sense. If you can figure out exactly what this says, please let me know. That would be a start in helping to identify this family.


  1. I think I can help with the translation a bit:

    The word you see as "Liempve" doesn't exist - it is "Siempre" which means "Always"

    There are also a few other words which I read differently. Here is how I would see the Spanish:

    A mi inolvidable esposo Heron:
    Siempre que veas el presente con
    un recuerdo a su fiel esposa e hijos jamas se olvidaran.


    To me unforgettable husband Heron:

    Whenever you see this momento, remember your faithful wife and childen - never forget them.


  2. Thanks Tom! That makes more sense!

  3. What a beautiful sentiment. I LOVE the hat and bow on the darling little girl. How cute is she!!!

  4. Something tells me that the little girl made a fuss until Papa let her wear his hat. I just know there is a story behind this photo, and I hope I can find it.

    Heron must have had to leave the family for work or war or something and she sent this photo with him.

  5. What a charming family portrait. I do hope it all turned out well for them! And hope you find the story.

  6. Seeing that picture knowing what is written makes one really want to find the family it belongs to.


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