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Ledger of the Estate of Wm E. Griffin, Deceased

I found this lost family treasure at the Bargain House of Fleas in Jacksonville. It is a ledger book of The Estate of Wm E. Griffin Deceased April 1st 1867. This is indeed a wonderful piece of family history that should be in the hands of a Griffin family member.

I still haven't figured out who the keeper of the ledger was, but across the top of both pages it says, "The Estate of Wm E. Griffin Decsd In Account Current With B. B. Griffin From April 1st 1867 To Decr 31st 1868".

Page 8 reads:
April 1st 67 F.E. Tebean , O. E. C. Pd voucher No. 1 $7.00
April 25th/67 To Cooper Alcotts & Fanelly for this book, for voucher 2 .75
April 1st 67 To F. E. Tebean ordinary pd voucher No 3 6.30
May 15th/67 To A & J. R.R. C. pd voucher No 4 2.86

Page 9 reads:
No 1 Recd of B. B. Griffin Seven Dollars for printing Notices
of application for letter of administration on
Est of William E. Griffin Decd
April 1st 1867 F. E. Tebean ordinary

No. 2 Estate W. E. Griffin Savannah April 25th 1867
To Cooper Alcotts & Fanelly Do
1 Q (?) Cap ledger 75
Recd Payment, Cooper Alcotts & Fanelly
Per George T Quanto

No. 3 Burton B. Griffin Admin on Est of Wm E. Griffin
To F. E. Tebean ordinary Do
1867 April 1st To citation for Letter Admin $1.25
" " To Cash Paid ? 7.00
May 6th To Granting Letters 1.50
" " " Copy of letters .50
" " " Recording Do .50
" " " Bond & Recording Bond 1.00
" " " Warrant of Appraisement .50
" " " Receiving & Recording Appraisement 1.00
" " " Stamp on " .05
Apl int Recd Cash for Printing 7.00
Recd payment F. E. Tabean O. C. R.
no. 4 B. B. Griffin Admin Estate of Wm E. Griffin Decd
1867 To A & G. R. R. Co do
May 15th To Shipping of one Lot of Beding & furniture
from Station Seven $2.86
Received Payment
Savannah May 15th 1867 A. Williams

There is an entry dated July 27th 1871 that reads:
Received of B. B. Griffin
Guardian for Gordon B. Griffin Six 30/100 Dollars
in full for Medical Sirvices
A. B. Lamen M.D.

There are 37 pages of entries in a 110 page book. I have not been able to find much on William E. Griffin, but I was able to find some records regarding Burton B. Griffin the Administrator of his estate.

Burton B. Griffin was a Corporal in the Fifth Georgia Calvary

I have found the following census information:

1920;Census Place: Militia District 12, Effingham, Georgia; Roll T625_255; Page: 21B; Enumeration District: 107

1910; Census Place: Militia District 12, Effingham, Georgia; Roll T624_185; Page: 17B

1900; Census Place: Militia District 12, Effingham, Georgia; Roll T623_194; Page: 14A

1880; Census Place: District 12, Effingham, Georgia; Roll T9_145; Family History Film: 1254145; Page: 381.1000; Enumeration District: 48

1860; Census Place: Georgia Militia District 12, Effingham, Georgia; Roll M653_120; Page: 693; Image: 154

1850; Census Place: Division 26, Effingham, Georgia; Roll M432_68; Page: 354B

I believe that Burton was the brother of William E. Griffin.

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