Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1924 St. Joseph's School Eighth Grade Commencement

Here is another item that I found at the Charleston Antique Mall while I was in Vegas.  It is a 1924 Eighth Grade commencement program for St. Joseph's school in Granite City, Illinois.  Judging by the underlined name of William McCormick I am guessing that this particular program belonged to him or one of his family members.

Class Roll ===1924:

William Anson
Frances Bladdick
Philomena Boyer
Thomas Burns
Helen Dorgai
Martha Early
Mary Alice Egan
Marie Freeman
Robert Garesche
Beulah Valle
Catherine Gerardot
Elton Hayes
Edna Isham
Anna Kastelic
Margaret King
Martha Kula
Florence Kula
Wayne Kowalk
Percy Lux
Marie McCabe
William McCormick
Honora McGowan
Anna Nemeth
Cecelia Nonn
Mary Polson
Marguerite Schmitt
George Schroeder
George Stanek
Mary Sobolewski
Harry Wathen
Clara Wingerter

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