Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hollis Powell 1944 Yearbook Autograph Page 4

This is the fourth autograph page from the 1944 Turlock High School yearbook.

I will transcribe the upside down one because I don't want you to hurt your neck trying to read it.  Besides, I think it is a little comical.

Dear Hollis,
I won't you a long letter
because I will see you again.
I want to ride in your boat.
            As ever
Other signers are Wes, Elvira Marten, Barbara Flentge, and Doris Shevlin.


  1. Great post - I wonder if Bud ever got that boat ride? :) I have an old autograph book of my grandmother's, and these old books really are so interesting to read through, some of the cute poems written... I wonder if kids have autograph books anymore these days.

  2. I have had occasion to look back at my old yearbooks and some of the signers I have no idea who they This is very cool.


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