Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1950 Postcard From England

I can't remember which flea market I got this postcard at, but I thought it was pretty.  It is also the first one I have ever seen written from overseas.

It is addressed to: 
Mrs. Richard Brauner
3040 Vista St. N. E.
Washington 18, D.C.

The flowers are
beautiful of this
hotel. Your letter
was forwarded here
from London.  So good
to get all the office news.
We leave for London
early tomorrow.
Weather fine. Took
an all day trip to the
Lake country today.
Where did you celebrate
July 4th? They put up
an American flag on 
our hotel for us.
Will soon be sailing
home. Am looking forward
to the boat trip.
           Elizabeth I.

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