Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Salt and Pepper Shakers

A while back I found these salt and pepper shakers at a flea market. I could not resist them because grandma Smedley had a pair just like them.

Even though they aren't the exact ones that sat on her table, I treasure them just the same.  When I look at them I am immediately transported back in time to grandma's dinner table surrounded by any amount of family members. I can smell her pot roast.  The table is fully set with plates, glasses and silverware.  In the middle of the table is a small plate stacked with bread next to a cube of butter. There's a bottle of home canned peaches, pears, or cherries and a stack of bowls to put them in. Open bottles of home canned bread & butter pickles and pickled beets, with a spoon stuck in each, sitting next to the salt and pepper shakers. And best of all, there is grandpa wearing a flannel shirt sitting in his usual spot holding his spoon like a toothbrush and slurping up his peaches (If it was morning, he would be slurping his mush). And that my friends, is a wonderful place to be!

Mom, aunt Vella, uncle Darrell, grandpa Smedley


  1. Sounds (smells) just like my grandma's table! Wonderfully delicious memories!!


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