Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - 1945 Birthday letter from Son to Father

This week I received another packet of goodies that grandma Hazel had saved. I was excited to get a copy of two different wills among several letters. This letter that my grandfather wrote to his father was among them.

                  Bloomington, Idaho
                  May 8, 1945
Dear Father,
      Happy Birthday to you and may you have many more of them.
  I am sorry that I didn't get this letter to you on time for you birthday but it was remembered by us any way. I seem to have time for every thing else but writing letters.
  I just got located to write you yesterday and Tom came over and wanted me to help him plant peas out in the Krogue field he is planting 10 acres of them. he sure likes the field.
  How are you getting along wth your health and your job.
We have sure had a lot of sickness the last month the children have all taken their turns at being sick. Jean is sick now she has the flue and has surly fell of a lot in weight.
   Blanche is giving the twins a birthday party today and they have just come from school and are trying to tell about the lickings the kids gave them in school today.
  Well my pigs have just farrowed and I have at present 16 little ones they are nice pigs so I should have a lot of pork this fall.
  I am still working on the railroad from 4-1 aloop at night.  I guess I will be there about a month longer and then I will have to start the saw mill going. I expect to have a new chev. truck any day now it should be here.
I am also getting lots of bills for lumber from Pocatello. I can make quite a little by delivering it there.
  Dad, of all the jobs I have had there is none like working for your self.
Have you heard from Dave lately, we haven't it is because we ow him a letter I sure put of my writing to any one.
  Eugene Hart has just came back for the summer.
  I thought that maby some of you would be down the first of the month. you had better all get on the buss and spend a few days up here with us.
Ermen Stevens is going to kill a pig today and want me to help scald it before I go to work. I'll bet you folks would like to have a pig in a locker down there now. I'll bet it is sure hard to get the things you need to eat down there.  We will see what we can do about those conditions this fall.  Well Dad I guess I will have to close it is about time to go to work and I can think of no more to write.
  Tell mother and the rest Hello for me and to come up when they can.
               yours truly


  1. Nice letter from Matt, he knew to give all the news, abt. health, work and whatever was going on, like the status of the pigs. Where was his father living?

  2. I like the way he writes what was happening at the moment about the twins talking about school.

  3. Barbara,
    I read the letter to mom last night, and she thinks his folks were living in Ogden, Utah at the time. She said she remembered the pigs too.

  4. I really like the "scrapbook" type page you start out with. It makes for a very nice touch.


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