Thursday, January 13, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - 1960 Letter Between Genealogy Minded Cousins

Among the second batch of grandma Hazel's goodies was this letter from Eural Bake, her first cousin once removed.

          Prescott, Ariz.
          May 19, 1960
Dear Hazel,
   Just a note to let you know we received the money. Thank you. I wished the rest of my family were genealogy minded & we would really go places. I do think we are making good head way.
   I need to know three questions.
1. Could Henry Bake have been born in Salford Manchester England?
(It is a part of Manchester.)
2. The other thing is what church did Henry Bake belong to before he joined the Mormon church?
3. What is Mrs. Everett Bakes address?
   I'm sorry you have been ill. Maybe now that spring is here you will feel better.
   I wanted to say this man who is doing research for us in Eng. isn't charging anything so we are putting your $5 & $3 away until he quits looking then we will do pd. research. He answered our add in the paper & he is clerk of the Records Office in Manchester. I think he is wonderful & it is wonderful to find him. H has access to a lot of old records if we can find things to help him. We are in a better position to put a little money in too. We surely appreciate the money & will make it do everything we can. When you are short of money it counts more too.
   He have us a wonderful history of a Mayor James Bake of Manchester & where he was buried etc.
   Will let you know as things develope.

I wish the rest of my family was genealogy minded too! This letter is just one of the precious reminders of how lucky I am that my great-grandparents started the hunt for my ancestors years ago.

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