Thursday, December 23, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Precious Gift

I received this beautiful piece of artwork in the mail a couple of days ago from my 3 year old grandson. This is the first artwork ever from one of my grandchildren so it will probably end up in a frame.

You should have seen me when I opened the envelope and unfolded it. I was a blubbery mess. I certainly hope I get more of these.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Christmas Boot

 I am sharing a Christmas treasure today.
This boot was crocheted by my grandma Blanche and she gave it to me for Christmas sometime in the late eighties.

This is it's first Christmas in Florida. It has been in a box   with my other Christmas stuff still sitting in mom's basement in Idaho since 2003.

It used to have an empty quart sized milk carton with the top cut off inside to put nuts or candy in, but I had to throw it away cause it got all yucky.  So last week I bought a quart of eggnog so I could use the carton when it was empty.

Well a couple of days ago I finally found some old fashioned Christmas hard candy after searching for days.

It comes in it's own container so I was able to just slip it inside the boot.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Christmas Program

Another treasure from aunt Jean's collection of ephemera that cousin Daniell scanned for me is this Christmas program from 1953.

(click on image for larger view)

This little Christmas play was presented by the Edison elementary school in Bloomington, Idaho Dec 22, 1953.  My mom, aunt Jean, and their cousin Susan Piggott were among the cast of characters.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lost Family Photo of Susan Villetta Keller

I found this photo at the AVONDALE ANTIQUE MART in Jacksonville a couple of weeks ago. (I also saw a gorgeous old wood filing cabinet that I would love to have.)

I was able to find enough census information to know who her family is.

Name:Villetta Keller
Age in 1860:2
Birth Year:abt 1858
Home in 1860:Mount Pleasant, Henry, Iowa
Post Office:Mount Pleasant

Household Members:
Jno Keller34
Harriet Keller30
Isabella Keller9
Charles Keller4
Villetta Keller2
Elenora Keller9/12

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Mount Pleasant, Henry, Iowa; Roll: M653_324; Page: 47; Image: 47; Family History Library Film: 803324.

Name:Susan V Keller
Birth Year:abt 1858
Age in 1870:12
Home in 1870:Center, Henry, Iowa

Post Office:Mount Pleasant
Household Members:
John Keller42
Emeline Keller29
Charles B Keller14
Susan V Keller12
Norman E Keller8
Alice Keller6
John W Keller2
Eva E Barker9
David F Barker5

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Center, Henry, Iowa; Roll: M593_395; Page: 181A; Image: 366; Family History Library Film: 545894.

It looks like Susan had a step-mother by 1870.  Since she was about 12 years old in 1870 I estimate that the photo was taken around 1875.

Hopefully we can get this photo into the hands of a Keller descendant.

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