Thursday, December 31, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- 1911 Postcard to Gr. Great Grandma Piggott

Today's treasure from great-grandma Piggott's stuff is a 1911 postcard that was sent to my great-great grandma Piggott from one her daughter Nora Hess. It is a Christmas postcard, however it was sent in March.

The postcard is stamped MAR 4, 1911 9 PM and is addressed to Mrs. E. C. Piggott, Bloomington, Idaho. It reads....

Dear Mother:-
We arrived home
in good time and
found everything
all right. Will send
those scraps in
a day or so. The
boy misses you.
Love to all
Lovingly Nora

I wonder what kind of 'scraps' Nora was going to send, maybe material scraps for a quilt?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meek Boys Telegram from Santa Claus

Here is a telegram from Santa Claus to John Meek and his brother. There is no date on it, but I would guess it was sometime between 1922 and 1925.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

John Meek III -- Continued

Here we have a couple of newspaper articles and three photos from little John Meek's fourth birthday partiy. Unfortunately there is no date on the articles or any indication of the name of the newspaper, but we do know it is the Jacksonville, FL area. The year was probably 1922. It is also unfortunate that there are no names written on the back of the photos to indicate who is who, however some of them are mentioned in the articles.

The first article reads:


Mrs. J. M. Meek, Jr., entertained
with a children's party Friday after-
noon at 3 0'clock in her home, 46
East Sixth street, honoring her
young son. John Meek, 3rd, who
celebrated his fourth birthday anni-
versary on that occasion.

A pink and white color scheme
was carried out in the decorations,
quantities of garden flowers being

Games were played, and at the
conclusion of one of the contests
the winners, Jack Neff and Anita
Geer, were presented with prizes.
Billy Thomas was awarded the con-

The kiddies were then invited into
the dining room, where ice cream,
cake and candles were served.
The dining table was laid with a
lace cloth and centered with a birth-
day cake, topped with four lighted
pink and white candles.

Mrs. Meek was assisted in enter-
taining and serving by Mrs. John
DuBose, Mrs. William Mallett and
Mrs. J. W. Clark.

Grown-ups present included Mrs.
Nell Stewart Mrs. Mary Tarratus,
Mrs I. R. Bowen of Miami, Mrs.
Thomas Heath, Mrs. H. Brooks, Mrs.
Bert Mallett, Mrs. J. W. Bibb, and
Miss Sara Meek.

Children enjoyng the affair were
Joyce Stewart, Mary Maude Tar-
ratus, Marie Tarratus, Evelyn Chau-
man, Lois and Lorraine Bowen of...

(The rest of the article is missing.)

The second article reads:

Master John Meek Is
Honoree at Birth-
day Party

Complimenting her little son,
John Meek III, who celebrated his
fourth birthday. Mrs. J. M. Meek
Jr., entertained with a party last
week at her home on East Sixth

Games and contests were played
during the afternoon, prizes being
won by little Miss Anita Greet and
Masters Jack Neff and Billy

At 5 o'clock the little guests were
invited to the dining room, where
ice cream, cake and candles were

Mrs. Meek was assisted in enter-
taining by Mrs. John DuBose, Mrs.
William Mallett and Mrs. J. W.

Among the little people were
Joyce Steward, Mary Maude Tar-
fatus, Marie Tarratus, Evelyn Chap-
man, Lois and Lorraine Bowen of
Mami, Elizabeth Mallett, Florence
Malleett, Anita Greer, Mary Lila Bibb,
Celeste Carples, Mary Ellen DuBose,
J. M. Meek, Jr., Evelyn Tarratus,
Billy Thomas, Thomas Hearth, Jr.,
J. Koons, Jack Neff, John and Wil-
liam Meek, and Others.

The grown-ups were Mrs. Nell
Stewart, Mrs. Mary Tarratus, Mrs.
W. E. Thomas, Mrs. I. R. Bowen of
Miami, Mrs. Thomas Heath, Mrs. H.
Brooks, Mrs. Bert Mallett, Mrs. J.
W. Bibb, Miss Sara Meek and Mrs.
J. M. Meek, Jr.

Friday, December 18, 2009

John McCaw Meek III -- 1918

Here is another piece of family history from the Meek - Tarratus family. It is a newspaper clipping from the Jacksonville, Florida newspaper with some sort of announcement or name card attached to it. There is no date on the article, but it was published sometime around late 1918/early 1919. It reads: J. M. Meek, 3rd, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Meek, Jr., of 2875 Hubbard Street, Springfield.

On the reverse side of this clipping is a pretty little girl who although is not a member of this family deserves some attention. Her name is Frances Almyra Clark one year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Clark of Springfield (Jacksonville).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- Christmas Cards Past

Today I want to share some Christmas Cards that were among great-grandma's treasures. They are all addressed to Mr. and Mrs. William Piggott. The first three are from my other great-grand parents, John T. and Esther Barker.

This one was sent in 1940:

I am not sure when this one was sent because the postmark has faded:

This one is from 1954:

This next one is actually from my mom and dad and me in 1964:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- Wm Piggott Ledger

Here is yet another goody from great-grandma's stuff. It is part of a ledger for his lumber business and some account information written on the back.

William was listed in the E. L. Sloan & Co. 1874 Salt Lake City Directory as a sawyer. He held the position of buyer. He always went to work wearing a white linen suit which was starched. It was so starched that it could stand alone.

He measured the logs and decided how each one should be cut and how many board feet should be credited to the men delivering the load.

Sometime before 1880 church authorities requested him to go to Liberty, Idaho and set up a saw mill to furnish lumber for the people of the Bear Lake area. William and his family lived in Liberty, Idaho for three years until he moved the saw mill to Bloomington, Idaho.

Source: Cannon Family Historical Treasury, George Cannon Family Association, 1967, Pages 295-298.

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