Thursday, December 6, 2012

Create Your Own Ancestors -- Really?

I Spent some time in an antique store last weekend and found this little basket of goodies. When I searched through the little basket for some indication of price I found this note.

 While I was glad to pay only $1 the suggestion of creating your own ancestors didn't sit well with me at all.

Are there people who really do that? I know there is bound to be a bad apple in a every bunch.

My goal here is to find old photos and other ephemera that have inscriptions or definite markings of the person who originally owned the lost family treasure so I can at least attempt to reunite them with the correct family members. Therefore, I tend to stay away from photos that are unidentifiable.  I only bought two of those photos, but I might just end up going back and getting them all for fear that someone actually will create their own ancestors!

So this has got me to thinking.  Should I start putting a watermark or something on the photos I post?  Or disable saving images?

This photo has no identifying marks and was found in an antique store
 in the Jacksonville, Fl area.

I hate to think that there is actually someone desperate enough to put someone else's ancestor's face in their family tree. Maybe a watermark will force more communication about a lost family treasure.

I would appreciate your input.

Leslie Ann
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