About This Blog

I love to go to yard sales and flea markets. You never know what you might find. Often times I have seen old family photos for sale and it just breaks my heart that some family member does not have these precious items. Well I have decided to start purchasing these items and post them on this blog in the hopes that I can somehow connect them with the proper family members.

Over to the right is a column of family treasures that I have been able to send to family members.  If you have found something from your family, please check the column to make sure I still have it.

Good luck in finding your family treasure!


  1. Hello Lesley Ann, I have found your blog via Lynns waffles blog! I love that you are doing that, I love old photos and feel very sad that someone could just throw them or give them to charity shops. I would never get rid of any of my family photos (hopefully my family wont either when I am no longer here!) as I just love to look through them.I love family history too and post about that as well as many other things. I am looking forward to reading more on your blog!

  2. Thanks Anne!

    Yes, I find it very hard to see old family photos in yard sales and such. My heart melts a little each time. The bummer is that I can't afford to get every one I see so that I can at least attempt to get them in the hands of a relative.

  3. I can understand you. I am also finding vintage photos on yard sales or online and wondering who originally trashed family memories. (vintagephotos on Flickr)


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