Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Lost Family Treasure Found!

I am happy to announce that this book is on it's way to a family member where it belongs.

I posted this book, The Alhambra, back in May. It belonged to Lena Doerfler and was dated Feb 15, 1904.

I was contacted by a grandson of Lena's and he should have this book any day now. He also let me know that the burial information I posted about her was actually for a different Lena. 

This Lena was not buried in Ohio, but Macon, Georgia. She was interred in the William Wolff Cemetery in Macon, Georgia, Section 30, Lot K. She was born Jan 5, 1889 and died Nov 19, 1960. The source is "The Jewish Burials of Macon, Georgia: 1844-1997," by Marian Waxelbaum and Gus Bernd Kaufman.

Now let's see what else I can send home.

Leslie Ann
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