Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - 1911 Postcard to Mrs. Hazel Piggott

This postcard comes from the box of grandma Hazel's stuff.

It is postmarked APR 22 1911, A.M., Byron, Wyo. and addressed to Mrs. Hazel Piggott, Pegram Bloomington, Idaho.

Byron, Wyo. April 21, 1911
Dear Hazel Piggott
I was glad to hear
from you again; glad
you have got a home & husband.
I wish you joy & happiness
all through life and hope
when you come out here
again you will come &
see me. We are having
lovely weather now
altho we have had a great
deal of wind this month.
I have 5 men to cook for
now am living across the
river again. by by
your friend lovingly Mrs. W. S. Griffin

In the lower right corner, grandma has written "ans." noting that she answered the postcard.

I was able to find the author's obituary at the Byron Cemetery Index Page.

GRAVE LOCATION - Block C Lot 6 Grave 10
Sally Alvira Perry Griffin
Born 20 Feb 1876, Millville, Cache, Utah
Parents William Howard Perry & Juliaette Stowell
Md William Stephen Griffin, 4 Oct 1893, Vernal, Uintah, Utah
Died 8 Jan 1961, Byron, Big Horn, Wyoming
Buried 12 Jan 1961, Thursday
Services Held for Sally P. Griffin
Funeral services for Sally Perry Griffin, 84, Byron, were held Thursday, Jan. 2 at 2 p.m. in the Byron LDS chapel with Bishop David Jones officiating.
Mrs. Griffin died at her home Sunday, Jan 1.
Music for the services was furnished by the grandchildren of the deceased, singing "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go," and "The End of a Perfect Day." Thales Smith Sr. was the speaker and Violet Mangus read the obituary.
Mrs. Griffin was born Feb. 20 1876 at Millville, Utah, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Perry. She married Wiliam S. Griffin Oct. 4, 1893, at Vernal, Utah, moving to Wyoming the same year. Mr. Griffin preceded her in death, Jan. 12, 1955.
Surviving are three sons, Frank and Harry of Byron and Wilwood of Lovell; one daughter, Rose G. Doty of Byron; nine grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren.
Pallbearers were Kendall Yorgasen, John Christofferson, Kenneth Doty, Oris Doty, Paul Davids and Clyde Griffin.
(take from the Lovell Chronicle, Jan 19, 1961)
(transcribed by Cindy Clark)

Maybe one of her descendants will enjoy reading this postcard.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Received a Lovely Blog Award - Awesome!

I sure was tickled yesterday when I received an email  from Kim at Heritage Heart nominating this blog for the One Lovely Blog Award!  (I spent all day yesterday trying to make it lovlier ;-) I have seen this award on many blogs since I first began blogging in 2009.  It is so awesome to finally get one!  Thanks Kim!

There are three simple rules for accepting this award:

  1. Acknowledge the award by posting on your blog.
  2. Nominate 15 other blogs that you think are lovely.
  3. Contact each person to let them know that they have been nominated.

I scoured the genealogy blogsphere last night picking my 15 recipients. In my opinion, the following blogs are informative, pleasing to the eye, and heartfelt with a little jocularity on the side.

And the awards go to (in no particular order):

  1. Finding Josephine
  2. Family Stories
  3. My Cleagues and Reeds
  4. Family Cherished
  5. Jirene's Genealogy Tips
  6. Diary of a Mad Genealogist
  7. ~Spirits of the Old~
  9. Climbing My Family Tree One Branch at a Time
  11. In My Life
  12. Kinfolk News
  13. Mountain Genealogist
  14. More Than Names
  15. The Checkered Chicken

Congratulations guys! You all deserve it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1911 Postcard of Lumber Yard in Rainier, Oregon

This is the second postcard I have that was written by School teacher Jane from Rainier, Oregon.

It's addressed to Mrs. M. R. Crump, Mart, Texas.

   Rainier, Oregon.
         Oct. 9, 1911
Dear Edith, Reggie and all:
        This is one
of the Lumber Mills in
Rainier. I am teaching
again here, and have
a fine room. I have
52 children, but Monday we
will have a new teacher and
she will take twenty of them.
Hope you are all well.
         Lovingly, Jane.

Friday, March 4, 2011

1944 Postcard From Future Flyboy?

I found this postcard at a flea market or a yard sale a while back.  I don't remember which because I have been sitting on it too long.

Hello Everybody,
Am out of the
hospital on a 3 day
pass.  Have been
over to see the
little ones.  Would
like to come home,
but can't this time.
When I get back to
Base - will attend 
& finish ground school.
Can't fly for a while yet. A letter Follows soon. A.J.

It is postmarked MIDLAND, TEXAS, Aug 28, 1944, and addressed to The Rawlins & Collerains, Box 393, Lake Jackson, Texas.  Unfortunately  the author only signed his initials and I can't be quite positive who this flyboy is for sure, but Google has helped me find a trail of bread crumbs that leads to Rawlins and Collerain families.

Bread crumb no. 1 - The following information is from Descendants of James Mason Rawlins.

316. Addison Clark6 Rawlins (James Alfred5, John Martin4, William Martin3, James A.2, James Mason1) was born 30 July 1878. He married (1) MaryEmmaline Alexander, daughter of Marcus Alexander and Nancy WORLEY. She was born 16 November 1883 in Dallas, TX, and died 01 February 1971 in Altus, Jackson, OK. He married (2) Annie Kinnard 1896 in Rockett, Texas. She died 1951.

Notes for Addison Clark Rawlins:
Lived 51 Vinca Court, Lake Jackson, Texas.

Children of Addison Rawlins and Annie Kinnard are: 
 363i. Addison Clark7 Rawlins.
 364ii. Rawlins. She married W. D. Collerain.

Bread Crumb no. 2 - 
Galveston Daily News, May 26, 1937, page 5

Bread crumb no. 3 -
The Brazosport Facts May 14, 1959, page 11

Bread crumb no. 4 - 
Midland Reporter Telegram, December 8, 1963, page 19
Bread crumb no. 5 - 
Midland Reporter Telegram, May 31, 1964, page 9

Bread crumb no. 6 - 
The Llano News, March 30, 1967, page 7
Bread crumb no. 7 - 
La Marque Times, December 25, 1975, page 17

I am leaning towards that the author may be Addison C. Rawlins II, but not positive. Hopefully there is a Rawlins or Collerain family relative who can solve this mystery and claim this wonderful lost family treasure.

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