Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Private John Leeson, New Jersey Volunteers

I found this torn page from a book in an antique store somewhere in Jacksonville, Florida. I have waited too long and don't remember which one.

This is the page that tells all about the conviction of Private John Leeson from Company H, 3rd Regiment, of the New Jersey Volunteers. He was charged with desertion and cowardice.

Accompanying this page was a certificate:

I'm not sure why this page warrants a certification.  I was able to find this same information in two different books on Google.

  1. General orders ... 1861,1862 & 1863, adapted for the use of the army and navy. Chronologically arranged, with index, by T.M. O'Brien & O. Diefendorf
  2. General orders of the War Department - Vol. 2
If there are descendants who want this original page, just drop me a line.

Leslie Ann

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