Thursday, October 1, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- More of Grandma Smedley's Stuff

Here are more items that I rescued from grandma's house. There are five of the juice glasses and only two of the tall glasses. I broke one of the tall glasses myself, I don't know what happened to the others. I have been looking high and low for replacements and haven't had any luck.

We always drank orange juice out of the small ones and milk out of the big ones. Well, I did any way.

The steak knives I don't remember ever using while we were at grandma's, but I sure remember them sitting in the silverware drawer 'cause I always thought they were neat.

And then there is the tablecloth -- these things are precious to me because they take me back in time to grandma's kitchen with all the cousins and aunts and uncles where we would all sit at the dinner table. Grandma always made sure everyone had their fill before leaving the table. I think some of us ate more just to make her feel better even though we couldn't eat another bite. I remember smiling and laughing inside as I watched grandpa hold his spoon like a shovel and slurp his soup, his bowl of peaches, and the morning mush. But now my eyes water 'cause I miss him so much.

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