Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 101 Award

I found a pleasant surprise this morning while checking for new comments (I stopped receiving email notices for some reason). Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski from In My Life presented me with the Happy 101 award! Yeah (me doing the happy dance)!

Along with this award comes the task of listing ten things that make me happy as well as passing this awesome award on to ten other bloggers.

My ten happy thoughts are:
  1. I am happy to be sharing my life with the man that I know was meant for me.
  2. I am happy when my kids are happy.
  3. Love and support from my family makes me very happy.
  4. Holding my grandchildren.
  5. Solving a genealogical mystery.
  6. Finding a new cousin through research.
  7. Fishing, camping in the mountains (how I miss the mountains), traveling, amusement parks. (This grandma is just a big kid!)
  8. Just hanging out with family members. (His, mine, and ours)
  9. Morning cup of coffee.
  10. We are finally homeowners!!
The ten bloggers that I choose to give this award to are:
  1. BeNotForgot
  2. Relatively Curious About Genealogy
  3. Genealogy Musings
  4. Elyse's Genealogy Blog
  5. Mountain Genealogists
  6. Kinfolk News
  7. Aspire Indulge and Persevere Not
  8. Mary's Musings
  9. A Couple of Bubble of Center
  10. Family Stories
Well time to go do chores -- oh happy day.

Wow! I just noticed that Linda over at Flipside also gave me the Happy 101 Award! Thanks Linda!


  1. I think your top 10 list is perfect and well rounded, congratulations on putting famliy first and on your top ten list

  2. Your enthusiasm and joy at the Happy Award is almost as much fun as watching someone open I gift I've given them. I love your top 10 list - I feel a kinship with you and wish you all the best in the coming year. Looking forward to more awesome posts.

    Blessings ... Cindy

  3. Sorry it's taken me awhile to get over here but wanted thank you for the Happy 101 Award. Thank you for reading my blog.

  4. Leslie Ann, thank you so very much for thinking of me for this one. I enjoy visiting you here, appreciate you stopping by my spot on the web, and do like your "Happy List." V.


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