Friday, August 20, 2010

A Festival of Postcards -- Locomotion

This Edition's (9th) theme of A Festival of Postcards is Locomotion. I was able to find a postcard among grandma Hazel's stuff that fit into this category.

I can't really tell who was "caught with the goods" here, the people in the carriage making it's way down the road, or the man reaching out. Mainly because I can't tell what the man is holding in his hand, a garden tool, or the tongue of a trailer (could you hitch a trailer to a carriage back then?).  If the latter is true, then he is definitely the culprit!

The postcard is address to Mrs. W. C. Piggott in Pegram, Idaho.  It reads:

Jan. 16_'11
Dear Hazel & Will;
I suppose you think
I have forgotten you
but I have not I have
just been to lazy to
write. Merlin was
over yesterday also
a week ago or else
I would have been
dead for it is offel
lonesome here. How
are you? Are you
still alive? I guess
you have heard about
Levi Long's wife leaving him.
When are you coming down.
Ans soon. Love from Mattie

I wonder who poor Levi Long was?


  1. Loved your card and the message on the back. As to who was caught....those gals look "offel" guilty to

  2. I love it! And I'm with lindalee as far as who is guilty :)


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