Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Barker-Pickett Family Reunion

I found this Barker - Pickett Family Newsletter among the items that Daniell scanned for me.  Even though there is a page missing it's a priceless little treasure to me because I never knew that there were Barker family reunions.

Page 2 of this particular newsletter is missing.  Page 1 announces that this is the last newsletter and I especially love these two sentences - "Save your copies please. In twenty years or so those of us still living and descendants not yet born will value them."

It also announced "The end of the reunion". No fair, I never got to go to one, or so I thought until mom told me that this picture was taken at a Barker family reunion.

Mom & I at Barker - Pickett Family Reunion in Logan
Canyon, Utah, September 1963.

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