Thursday, October 21, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - The Cannon Chronicle

Among grandma Hazel's things are a few issues of The Cannon Chronicle which is a leaflet put out by The George Cannon Family Association. This one in particular pulled on my heart strings because it has a picture that I have never seen before of the house in Nauvoo, Illinois where George and Mary Edwards Cannon(my 3rd gr-great-grandparents)lived in 1844.

It also includes an interesting interview with Charles Dickens and George Q. Cannon.


  1. You certainly caught my attention with this blog....I have Cannon's in my ancestors....not out on a long lost branch somewhere. Very cool!

  2. I liked the part about saving the newsletter for future generations! how right they were. too bad they stopped. we put out a family newsletter in the 1990's when we were homeschooling. I'll have to run one someday. it's been 20 years! thanks for posting.


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