Thursday, August 18, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Kissing Cows

I will treasure these darling little kissing cow salt and pepper shakers forever!

Why? Not because I am crazy about cow salt and pepper shakers, but because of how I got them.

This past August 5th hubby and I went on vacation. Hubby hasn't taken a vacation from work since 2003.

We went to visit friends in Indiana and Ohio and on the way back home we drove through the Smokey Mountains. Not only was this our first vacation together in 11 years, but we haven't been in the mountains just as long.  We love mountains!

We stayed one day and night at the Gatlinburg Inn in Tennessee.  It was awesome, like staying at your grandma's house.  We went to the Smokey Mountain Winery and did some wine tasting (yum).  We bought 1 bottle of  Mountain Red,  1 bottle of Raspberry wine, and 2 bottles of Muscadine White and the neatest little bottle stopper.

Then I saw The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum.  They have some pretty cool shakers in there, but most of the ones they have for sale are priced way too high.  Later that day we walked up and down the street and I had to check out Maples' Tree and that's where I found these cute little cows, and they were the last pair!

So when I look at these cows, I will smile and think about the wonderful trip through the Smokies that hubby and I shared.

View of Smokies from Clingmans Dome Road

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  1. They are adorable and I love the story about how you came to own them.


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