Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Well Card to Hazel Meek

This is the second post involving the Meek - Tarratus pieces of family history that I found. You can find the first one here.

Here we have a get well card that was sent to Hazel from Rosa (Ling?).

She wrote quite a bit inside and I will attempt to translate it.

Dear Hazel, Didn't hear from
you all this a.m. & I am
just praying no news
is good news. It is so hot
here that we can't hardly
stand it today & raining
too. Surely will be glad
when we can get some
relief. I do hope you will
be feeling fine & know
whats your trouble
when we do hear.
Wm Seth still here but
is going down on the
coast for two or three
days this next week.
Marie said she had
written you also Birdie
& Sara hope you have
gotten by now as
I know you need mail
while there. Am so sorry
they couldn't help John.
Wish there was something that could be
done for him. They are really fishing in
the pool now every day __ __ __ comes
to want to fish & they are catching the
fish. To hot for fish for me.
Hope you will let us hear from
you as soon as you can hear something.
I have no help in the store right now
except Gladys. Birdie gone to Mobile to
see Geo & Earnestine & Gladys is planning
on going to Montg next week. I guess I
can manage some way. We love you
all lots. Love & prayers.
Yours Truly
Rosa (Ling?)

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