Thursday, November 5, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- Grandma's Cookbook

Today's treasure that I want to share is a cookbook that once belonged to my paternal grandmother. She gave it to me sometime in the eighties. It is filled with recipes contributed by the LDS Relief Society ladies of the Paris Ward in Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho.

There are six of grandma Smedley's recipes inside. My favorite one is her applesauce cookies. We just call them "grandma's cookies". I didn't notice until the other day that one of my aunt's put a recipe in there titled "MOM'S ORIGINAL SPICE CAKE". The 'mom' she refers to would be my maternal grandmother. I had no idea that grandma Dunn had an original spice cake recipe. You know I am going to have to try that -- spice cake is my favorite!

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