Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ancestor Approved Award

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I discovered that IrishEyes from 'On a flesh and bone foundation': An Irish History presented me with the Ancestor Approved Award. Thank you so much IrishEyes. It means a lot that this award has made it's way back to me.

So as a recipient of the award I will attempt to list ten things I have learned about any of my ancestors that has surprised me, humbled me, or enlightened me ==>

1. I was surprised to learn that my gr-great grandfather William Henry Piggott was arrested for cutting timber on Uncle Sam's domain

2.I was surprised to learn that hubby and I are 25th cousins. We are both descended from Somerled, King of the South Isles.

3. I was surprised to learn that I am 10th cousins with my daughter-in-law through John Wing and Martha Spooner.

4. I was surprised to learn from the divorce records of Mary Edwards and her polygamous 3rd husband Charles B. Taylor that he claimed she was a drunkard. (The jury is still out on that one, I don't know if I believe him.)

5. I was surprised to learn that my 2nd great-grandfather, Thomas Cotton Smedley did not die in 1851 as we were led to believe. He sailed across the ocean blue with his son and daughter-in-law in 1857 who failed to mention this to his kids or grandkids. (I am still trying to figure out what they were hiding.)

6. I was surprised to learn from reading the postcards that great-grandma Piggott saved that she had a boy that was very interested in her and tried to woo her away from my great-grandpa before they were married.

7. I was surprised (more like saddened and disappointed) that I am the only one who signed the guest book of my x-husband's aunt Dorothy Marie Olsen who died March 9, 2010.

8. I am very humbled by the fact that my Welsh 3rd great-grandmother, Mary Edwards lost her first husband while making the voyage from Liverpool to the U.S. after only a year of marriage, and then was widowed again when my 3rd great-grandfather, George Cannon died away from home after only 4 months of marriage. She was about 3 months pregnant with my 2nd great-grandmother, Elizabeth Cannon Piggott at the time. I believe she was a very strong woman who endured more than her share of loss, including being disowned by her father for joining the L.D.S. church. (By the way, she is the woman on the Ancestor Approved Award.)

Sorry, but I just can't think of two other things. (shame on me)
Now I pass this award on to ten more wonderful genealogy and or family history bloggers that are doing their ancestors proud in no particular order ==>
  1. Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski at In My Life
  2. Diane at Attic Treasures
  3. T. K. at Before My Time
  4. Luckie Daniels at Our Alabama Roots
  5. Jen at Chicago Family History
  6. Patti Browning at Consanguinity
  7. Sherry Stocking Kline at Family Tree Writer
  8. T. Pratt at Gen Journey
  9. Harriet at Genealogy Fun
  10. Sarah B. at Geneapprentice


  1. Thanks Leslie! I'm very honored :) I see that your local libraries are being cut too, huh? I work in a library in PA, and we're hurting also.

  2. Thank you Leslie for the 'shout out'! I'm kind of new to the whole 'blog thing'.

  3. Thanks Leslie for the Ancestor Approved Award.

  4. Leslie! I am honored and so appreciative of the Ancestor Approved Award. Thank you! While this is coming a bit 'late' I will post my 10 surprise, enlighten and humbled by the end of the day. I hope you'll check my post as there will be a special reference that might surprise you! Fondly, Cindy


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