Thursday, April 15, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday -- Postcards circa 1909

This week's treasure comes from great-grandma Piggott's box of goodies.  These two postcards must have been sent in an envelope like a letter, and I think there are 'pages' missing.

It seems that great-grandma had a man that was very smitten with her before she married great-grandpa.  His name was Frank Wilks. 

The cards are not dated, but since Hazel Madsen and William Piggott were married in October of 1910 I am guessing that they were written about 1909/1910. 
I assumed that this Frank character was about the same age as Hazel, but the census tells me he was ten years older.

I will now attempt to transcribe the postcards -- keep in mind that one or two are missing.
your shoes
in my trunk all you
have to do is to
come over and 
put them in. of course
Will has got the 
trunk for them 
though I forget.
where are you 
working over there
and are you going
to stay untill you
go home I hope
not there isn't
any thing dairy
over here at present.
I went to church
three times yesterday
don't you think that
...and the next one says:
I don't know
when I'll be able
to get back to
Evanston if it
keeps on raining
well Hazel my 
heart is just as
these cards
indicate so
keep a little cozy
corner in your
heart for me
yours forever
Frank Wilks
you know I've
danced in that
Historical pig trough twice
I was curious about the pig trough reference so of course I had to google it.  It seems that back in the day the oldest daughter was expected to get married first.  If for some reason that didn't happen and a younger daughter was married first, the poor eldest daughter had to dance in a pig trough!

So I gather from the last line in Frank's postcard that two of his younger siblings were married before him. I did find a record for his marriage.  He was married at the age of 36, two years after Hazel and Will got married.

Name: Frank D. Wilks
Gender: Male
Spouse: Eva Perkins
Spouse gender: Female
Marriage Date: Apr 13, 1912
Marriage Location: Afton, Uinta Co., Wyoming
Source: This record can be found in the marriage book at the County Courthouse located in Bear Lake Co., ID in Volume 2 on Page 391.


  1. WOW! Hazel my heart... keep a little cozy corner in your heart for me...

    Smitten indeed! Wonder what happened to turn the wheel! Guess we should be happy it did, it brought us you LA!:-)


  2. Interesting story on the pig trough, some old traditions makes you go hmmmm!!!!

  3. I bet you were surprised to read these old cards. I know I would have been. I learned about the pig trough from you today. Whatever would we do without


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