Thursday, September 23, 2010

1912 & 1916 Kurdish Bibles

About a month ago hubby and I stopped at a yard sale on our way back from the Waldo Flea Market.   Boy did I find a treasure there! Not only one, but two Kurdish Bibles that belonged to Dr. Charles V. Perrill.

These inscriptions are hard to read, but I will attempt to transcribe what it says. At the top it has his name.

Ariba 2 Jan 1913 - Feb 1916
Balia Mar 1917 - Mar 1927
C_____ Oct 1928 - Jan 1930
_______ Jan 1930 - July 1930

Charles V. Perrill M. D.
with best wishes for
many happy years of
service in India
     Aunt Jeanie (Peters)
March 1940.

It seems that Dr. Perrill was a very productive member of society.
I found this bio in a 2007 Fall/winter issue of PENNMedicine  Magazine.

I was also able to find an 8 page personal account that was published in the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons.

Two lifetimes of medical adventure
by,  Charles V. Perrill, MSc, MD, FACS, Penney Farms, Florida

It is a very interesting read.

After reading about this wonderful man, I could not believe what I found in his obituary -

 Florida Times-Union, The (Jacksonville, FL) - June 8, 2007
Deceased Name: Charles Perrill
FL United States
PERRILL- Charles Perrill, age 94, died 6/06/07. Helm Funeral Home, Green Cove Springs.

Florida Times-Union, The (Jacksonville, FL)
Date: June 8, 2007
Record Number: 88792184
Copyright (c) 2007 The Florida Times-Union
I  feel angry and sad that his lifetime accomplishments were not included in his obituary!!  Hopefully somewhere there is a more deserving obituary that I was not able to find.

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  1. Dr. Perrill was my uncle, and, yes, he was a truly remarkable man. I have forwarded this link to his son. But if you still are monitoring this site I can possibly give you some more information about Dr. Perrill.


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