Thursday, September 10, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- Grandma's Patch Quilt

This is a patch quilt that grandma Smedley made. It was being used as a mattress pad on the old iron bed that dad used to sleep in when he was a kid. The bed is mine now and of course I took the quilt along with it. Unfortunately the bed is still in Idaho.

It sure looks like hard work. The quilt is made of many different types of material. There are pieces of old sleeping bags, curtains, old material scraps, a polyester suit, clothing, and stuff I can't even name. The most important pieces to me are the ones from grandpa's old flannel shirts. When rapped in the quilt it is almost like snuggling with grandpa.
I'm not sure how old the quilt is, it could be anywhere from forty to sixty years old. I really need to do some repairs on it. Looking at some of the rips you can see that she did not use batting in the middle, but a couple of layers of more patch work. Let me tell ya, that thing is very heavy and warm.


  1. I love these old quilts! I have three that my grandmother made (would have had more had I not destroyed one through stupidity when I was in college) that were made of scraps provided by her children and often had family names embroidered in them.

  2. I ALWAYS get ideas for my own posts from you Leslie. I had forgotten about an old quilt that my Aunt gave me years ago and it is sitting very near me right now in a plastic box! I particularly like that you feel like you are getting a hug from your grandfather since his flannel shirts are pieces in your quilt. Nice job!

  3. Glad to know that I could be of service ;-)


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