Friday, August 14, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday -- Crochet Hooks

I know it's Friday, but I didn't have a chance to turn on the computer yesterday and since Treasure Chest Thursday was my idea I figured better late than never.

Today I wanted to share grandma's crochet hooks.

After my maternal grandmother died all of her crochet materials were given to me because I am the only one of her grandchildren that crocheted. Among them were these five hooks. Actually I believe these were originally great-grandma's. The smallest one is so small that I can't even see the hook. I believe the one with a lid, and the handle on the other one is made of ivory, not positive though.

Since I don't use them I need to find a way to display them. Any ideas?

When I stayed with grandma Dunn as a teenager we sat and crocheted together. She showed me a couple of patterns that I had never seen before and still to this day have never seen these two patterns in anyone else's work but my own.

She made a baby blanket for every great-grandchild. I make them for my grandchildren and nieces and nephews. I also crochet afghans for graduation gifts for them all. I have to make three for this year, plus I have another grandchild on the way. ( I am going to be busy!)

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